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omega de ville replica watches knew that when they released the most affordable tourbillon in the world, the first question would be "It's cheaper, but does it really work?" They quickly and decisively ended that conversation by becoming one of the only three brands to chronometrically certify their movements.

omega de ville replica watches surpassed the two other brands in 2018 by switching to the Besancon Observatory for certification, instead of the COSC (which tested movements at the time) which only tested the finished watches. omega de ville replica watches 02T, in addition to other certified tourbillons that are not chronographs and neither of them are chronometers, is the only tourbillon chronograph certified by chronometer in the entire de ville replica watches Renaud and Papi produced a small number of COSC-certified tourbillons chronographs in 2005 for Breitling, but these watches cost more than 10x as much.

omega de ville replica watches announced that the Besancon Observatory Certification was achieved in 2018 for the Carrera "Tete de Vipere", Chronograph Tourbillon Chronometer.audemars piguet replica watches This is the first Heuer 02T to be certified by the Besancon Observatory (limited edition of only 155 pieces).

In 2018, the Carrera "Tete de Vipere Chronograph Tourbillon Chronometer" was announced.

The "Tete de Vipere", a certification mark from the Besancon Observatory, is visible in the sapphire case back.

How did omega de ville replica watches create the only tourbillon-chronograph chronometer in the world and make it affordable? Guy Semon is the man behind this project. "We determined that the biggest cost associated with tourbillons was how long it took for a watchmaker regulate one properly." We created a movement whose tolerances are so high that it can be assembled without any regulation and run within the COSC's tolerances of minus four plus six seconds per day.