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omega constellation replica watches’s automatic tourbillon clock was launched in 2016 and literally revolutionized the industry. First, it was released at a price of exactly 50 dollars less than 16, constellation replica watches This made it the most affordable Swiss-made tourbillon on the market.

Second, the entire industry was in dismay because omega constellation replica watches had the audacity of submitting each of these movements to COSC - the independent Swiss body responsible for chronometer certification - to ensure that they were within the maximum daily deviation limit of minus 4 plus 6 seconds.

What's so special about this? The tourbillon was invented in 1801 by Abraham-Louis Breguet. He is known as the Muhammad Ali of the watch industry. Breguet's brilliant idea to counter the damaging effects of gravity when the watch was vertically positioned, was to place the balance, the hairspring, and the escapement in a cage which rotated on its own axis once every minute. This allows the watch to average out any errors.

Tourbillon watches were once extremely rare.Patek Philippe Aquanaut Replica Watches Today, they are among the most popular complications. This is thanks to the advent and development of industrial technology, which allows for components to be created with amazing precision and speed.

Most tourbillons share two common characteristics. They are costly. They aren't tested for accuracy. Patek Philippe L.U.C. and Chopard L.U.C. are the only two brands who have certified their tourbillons as chronometers.